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NMCI Service Desk

NMCI Service Desk

  1. NMCI Service Desk

The NMCI Service Desk provides essential support and technical assistance to users of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), the largest internal computer network of the United States Department of the Navy. This service desk is pivotal in managing issues ranging from network connectivity problems to software installation and troubleshooting. It operates around the clock, offering both remote and in-person support to ensure operational continuity and security across naval installations.

Key services include:

  • Technical Support: Resolving issues related to hardware, software, and network problems.
  • User Account Management: Assistance with password resets, account creation, and access permissions.
  • Security Services: Implementing and managing security protocols to protect sensitive information.
  • Training and Guidance: Offering tutorials and guidance for using NMCI resources effectively.

The NMCI Service Desk is staffed by a team of experienced IT professionals committed to maintaining the efficiency and security of the network, ensuring that the Navy and Marine Corps have robust and reliable communication and data management systems at all times.

When emailing the NMCI Helpdesk, please include:
- Name
- Phone Number
- Asset Tag Number
- Workstation Name
- Complete Description of Problem

NMCI provides an interoperable command and control network needed for transitioning to a net-centric environment. Today, the Department of the Navy receives IT services via NMCI for more than 700,000 military and civilian employee accounts. NMCI consolidated and standardized network operations services, security, and user assistance across every level of command. Information assurance compliance is now enforceable. Users with unique IT service needs are accommodated by smart customization of standard components to generate tailored solutions

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