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state_bases = { 'California': [ {'name': 'Fort Irwin', 'type': 'Army'}, {'name': 'Edwards AFB', 'type': 'Air Force'} ], 'Virginia': [ {'name': 'Fort Lee', 'type': 'Army'}, {'name': 'Langley AFB', 'type': 'Air Force'} ], # Add other states and bases as needed } def search_by_state(state): """Search bases by state.""" bases = state_bases.get(state, []) if not bases: print(f"No bases found in {state}.") else: print(f"Bases in {state}:") for base in bases: print(f"- {base['name']} ({base['type']})") def get_base(state, base_name): """Get a specific base in a state.""" bases = state_bases.get(state, []) for base in bases: if base['name'] == base_name: return base print(f"No base named {base_name} found in {state}.") return None # Usage search_by_state('California') base_info = get_base('California', 'Fort Irwin') if base_info is not None: print(f"Selected base: {base_info['name']} in {base_info['type']}")
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