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Hours of Operation: Daylight Savings Time: Pro Shop: 7 Days 0600-1700 Golf Course/Tee Times: Mon & Wed 0800-1500, Sun/T/Thurs/Sat 0730-1500 Snack/Grill: M-W 0600-1400, Thurs-Sun 0600-1700 Standard Time: Pro Shop: 7 Days 0600-1800 Golf Course/Tee Times: Mon & Wed 0700-1600, Sun/Tues/Thurs-Sat 0630-1600 Snack/Grill:M-W 0600-1400, Thurs-Sun 0630-1700 The Eglin Golf Course at Eglin AFB is one of the U.S. Air Force's premier golf facilities, rated #3 in the Air Force inventory. Rated #3 military golf course by "Leisure Magazine"--9th consecutive year--voted by AF golfers worldwide! Eglin Golf Course has two Championship Golf Courses, the Eagle and the Falcon. The Eagle course has newly renovated greens built to modern specifications, whereas the Falcon course is a more challenging course particularly well suited for the seasoned player. Either course is playable for all skill levels and will make for a Great Day Out! For detailed fees, please see the Eglin Golf Website Source: Eglin Golf Website