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Vehicle Resale Lot Featured Updated

BX Parking Lot, across street from Pharmacy, MacDill AFB, FL 33621
, MacDill AFB 33621 Florida
Nearby Bases: MacDill AFB (1.3 miles)


The Vehicle Resale Lot at MacDill AFB can help when you want to sell your vehicle. For $30.00* (good for 30 days) you can register your vehicle, for the Vehicle Resale Lot. (Located at the BX parking lot, across the street from the Pharmacy/Burger King). They'll take a photo of it (or you can email a photo to them) and they will place it on our Virtual Lot as a bonus! If you would like to place a photo of your vehicle on the Virtual Resale Lot only, the fee will be $10 per month, which may be renewed indefinitely. *The fee for the Resale Lot is $30, with or without the use of the Virtual Resale Lot Source: Vehicle Resale Lot Website